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12.30 Supplemental Services Expenses

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Chapter 12-Resource Family Recruitment, Certification and Reimbursement
12.30 Supplemental Services Expenses

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Legal Authority/Introduction


Supplemental reimbursement is available, to the extent funds are available, for extraordinary care the foster/adoptive home parents provide to a child with exceptional needs that is in the custody of the Cabinet to cover additional expenses associated with provisions of extraordinary care. 

The supplemental reimbursement may be made available for six (6) month intervals.  To be eligible, a child:

  • Has community resources to meet the treatment needs of the child; and
  • Requires services consistent with Level IV or Level V care as established by 922 KAR 1:360; and
  • Is designated as a medically complex, specialized medically complex, or care plus.


The SSW: 

  1. In cooperation with regional management, holds a family team meeting, to develop a Memorandum of Justification
  2. Completes a DPP-111B Service Supplement Assessment, and attaches:
    1. The Memorandum of Justification;
    2. The child's current case plan; and
    3. The child's current psychological evaluation; 
  3. Submits the DPP-111B and all the attachments to the SRA for review;
  4. Notifies the foster/adoptive parent if the SRA approves the request for a service supplement;
  5. Develops an addendum to the case plan that includes specific services and timeframes for completion to meet the needs of the child receiving the service supplement;
  6. Completes a new DPP-111A Foster Home Contract Supplement that includes the supplemental service reimbursement per diem rate of $68.00 per day for a period of six (6) months for signature by the foster/adoptive parent(s) and forwards a copy of the signed DPP-111A and DPP-111B to the:
    1. Billing Specialist; and
    2. Child Benefits Worker (CBW);
  7. Completes the following tasks after six (6) months:
    1. Completes a new DPP-111A-Foster Home Contract Supplement to remove the approved service supplement; or
    2. At the request SSW or the foster/adoptive home parents, the SSW may re-assess the child by following the procedures in this SOP for an additional six (6) month period; 1
  8. Reviews the foster/adoptive home’s monthly logs of the child's extraordinary care upon each monthly visit to the home;
  9. Files all paperwork in the foster/adoptive home's file;
  10. Ceases reimbursement to the child's previous foster/adoptive home if a child deemed eligible for the service supplement is relocated to another foster/adoptive home or out of home care placement; 2 
  11. Sends written notification to the foster/adoptive parent if the SRA denies the request for a service supplement. 3

The SRA: 

  1. Reviews the DPP-111B and all material attached and makes one of the following determinations:
    1. Approve the service supplement;
    2. Deny the service supplement; or
    3. Request additional information and request re-submission.

Practice Guidance

  • The Memorandum of Justification contains detailed descriptions of:
    • Foster/adoptive home parents, type of foster/adoptive home, training, employment, child care, record keeping, etc.;
    • Case plan details;
    • Child's needs, including but not limited to therapeutic, educational, familial, and medical;
    • Supplemental service needs description, including but limited to information on transportation, education, house care/maintenance, family care, psychological care, birth parents and siblings, etc.
  • As part of the process, the foster/adoptive home parent agrees to use to document services provided to the child for the length of the supplement reimbursement. 


  1. Extensions to a service supplement may be granted in six (6) month intervals thereafter by following the procedures in this SOP.
  2. The new foster/adoptive home or SSW may request a service supplement for this child by following the procedures in this SOP.
  3. Another request for a service supplement may not be requested until six (6) months after the date of denial.  If the foster/adoptive home parent disagrees with the denial, a Service Complaint may be filed as described in SOP 30.3 Service Complaints. 


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