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11.7 Motion to Redocket

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 11-CPS Court
11.7 Motion to Redocket

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Legal Authority/Introduction




The SSW:

  1. Confers with the county attorney and FSOS, then requests a motion to redocket by following the appropriate regional and local court protocols; 
  2. Requests the court clerk’s office to place the case on the docket for review;
  3. Notifies all involved parties as to the date and time of court once the case is placed on the court docket for review;
  4. Requests a motion to redocket in the following situations:
    1. To amend, with the assistance of the county attorney, a previous petition due to new information;
    2. When a youth, or parents or other caregiver fail to follow court orders associated with their child protection case;
    3. When a child has gone missing or runaway during an open, court-active case; 1
    4. When needing to seek permission for medical treatment for a child in emergency or temporary custody as outlined in SOP 11.21 Medical Consent for Child in Emergency or Temporary
    5. When a there is a lack of cooperation or failure by the youth, parent or other caregiver to follow the case plan;
    6. To request a change in custody;.To request a change in custody;
    7. To request permanent custody for a kinship care relative after a child has been successfully in placement for six (6) months as outlined in SOP 4.5 Kinship Care Program-Introduction;
    8. To seek court approval of a planned permanent living arrangement, refer to Permanency Goals in OOHC Cases Tip Sheet;
    9. To extend commitment of a youth as outlined in SOP 4.29.2 Transition Planning for OOHC Youth;
    10. To request cessation of life support systems for a child in the Cabinet’s care as outlined in SOP 4.27.5 Ending Use of Life Support Systems.  When faced with a child needing life support the SSW follows the procedures outlined in SOP 4.27.4 Life Support Systems; and
    11. Other times as indicated by significant changes in a child or family’s situation.


  1. When the child is in the custody of the cabinet, the worker also follows the procedures referenced in SOP 4.67 Locating Missing Children-Including Runaways.


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