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11.29 Dispositional Alternatives

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 11-CPS Court
11.29 Dispositional Alternatives

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Legal Authority/Introduction


Practice Guidance

  • Before a child is committed to the Cabinet or placed in OOHC under the supervision of the Cabinet, the SSW demonstrates to the satisfaction of the court, that reasonable efforts have been made to enable the child to remain at home.
  • In determining the disposition of all cases brought on behalf of abused, neglected or dependent children, the court considers the child’s best interests when selecting between dispositional alternatives, to include:
    • Informal adjustment;
    • Protective order, such as requiring the parent or guardian to abstain from abusive or neglectful conduct towards the child;
    • Orders authorized pursuant to KRS 403.740 Emergency Protective Order and KRS 403.750 Court Orders-Amendment;  
    • Placing the child at home under the supervision of the Cabinet, which determines appropriate services; and
    • Committing the child to the Cabinet.


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