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13.10.1 Updating the Presentation Summary

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Chapter 13-Adoption Services
13.10.1 Updating the Presentation Summary

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The SSW:

  1. Updates the presentation summary packet and attachments annually;1
  2. Updates the presentation summary narrative when a:
    1. Foster parent no longer wishes to adopt the child and a search for an adoptive home is necessary;
    2. Significant change in the child’s situation occurs;
    3. Child is very young and changes in development occur frequently; and
    4. Child’s adoptive placement disrupts.  A new category, "Adoption Disruption," is added to the existing presentation summary narrative when a child’s adoptive placement disrupts.  This category includes:
      1. The history of the adoptive placement;
      2. Problems that occurred; and
      3. Services that were rendered;
  3. Signs and dates all presentation summary updates; 
  4. Attaches a copy of the case recording documenting case activity from the date of adoptive placement to the present;
  5. Reviews the materials for completeness within five (5) working days of the update; and
  6. Retains a copy in the case file.


  1. Child Focused Recruitment Model (CFRM) specialists will update the presentation summary packet of each assigned case, as part of the initial file mining process. If the case does not have a presentation summary at the time the case is assigned to the recruiter, the recruiter will develop one. The recruiter will be responsible for updating the presentation summary packet on an ongoing basis as long as the case remains active with CFRM.




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