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13.7 Foster Parent's and Other Caregivers Role in Preparing Child for Adoption

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Chapter 13-Adoption Services
13.7 Foster Parent's and Other Caregivers Role in Preparing Child for Adoption

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Legal Authority/Introduction


The support of the non-adopting foster parents is required for the successful adoptive placement of a child.  This includes supporting the child through the termination of parental rights process as well as the adoptive placement process.


The SSW:

  1. Communicates with and includes foster parents in the planning and implementation of the adoptive placement process;
  2. Helps the foster parents deal with issues relating to the loss of a child by:
    1. Sharing general information about the adoptive family with the foster parents;
    2. Asking the foster parents for their cooperation and support of the placement throughout the entire process;
    3. Informing the foster parents of the pre-placement conference and the value of their attendance;
    4. Preparing the foster parents for possible deteriorating behavior in the child prior to the adoption placement;
    5. Offering therapeutic resource linkages for both the child and the foster parents to address grief and loss issues;
    6. Asking the foster parent to complete the DSS-892-Daily Routine Form;
    7. Encouraging the foster parents to give the child permission to move on; and
    8. Maintaining contact and providing an appropriate venue for the foster parents to express their feelings of sadness due to the child’s move.


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