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13.16 Resource Home Placement

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Chapter 13-Adoption Services
13.16 Resource Home Placement

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Legal Authority/Introduction


Once parental rights are terminated and the DPP-195 Adoptive Placement Agreement is signed, the placement becomes an adoptive placement, and foster care payments cease.  The service region administrator (SRA) gives approval for resource placements.


  1. After parental rights have been terminated and the DPP-195 Adoptive Placement Agreement has been signed the SSW submits a memo requesting approval to make a resource home placement to the SRA.

Practice Guidance

  • If the SRA approves the plan for a resource home placement, the SSW follows SOP 13.10 Preparing the Presentation Summary Packet. If the search for families is restricted to specific counties due to the need for biological parents’ visitation, the restriction is indicated on the DPP-AC1 Transmittal Memorandum for Presentation Summary Packet.
  • Once a family is identified, a child cannot be placed in a resource placement which has not been approved for foster and adoptive placement.
  • The notarized resource home agreement is signed by the family prior to placement and copies distributed to the family and Adoption Services Branch staff with the original being retained in the file.


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