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13.29 Sealing Closed Adoption Records

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 13-Adoption Services
13.29 Sealing Closed Adoption Records

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Legal Authority/Introduction


The granting of an adoption judgment closes and seals the case records of the child and family.


  1. The recruitment and certification (R&C) worker completes the following tasks upon receiving notice from the Adoption Services Branch that the adoption has been finalized:
    1. Combines the child’s and the adoptive family’s record to include the following documents in the file: 
      1. Complete home study packet which includes the most recent annual update;
      2. Preplacement conference summary/recording;
      3. Confidential report to the court;
      4. Complete presentation summary packet (including medical, educational and other supporting documents);
      5. DPP-191 Information to be Obtained from the Placing Parent;
      6. DPP-192 Biological Parent Consent form;
      7. Biological Parents Identifying Information;
      8. Copy of the adoption judgment; and
      9. Any other documents that the worker deems necessary.
    2. Completes the DPP-189 Biological Parent Identifying Information form and places it in the adoption record. This is not given to the adoptive families.
    3. Documents in the service recording the date and the  county in which the adoption was finalized.
    4. Removes records from the file folder and places in a brown expandable folder.
    5. Gives the combined case record to the R&C FSOS who arranges to transport the record to the Records Management Section at the earliest date possible. 1

Practice Guidance

  • Documents found in TWIST should not be included in the hard file.


  1. If mailing the record is preferable, it may be sent by registered or certified mail.


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