Department for Community Based Services

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Ongoing OOHC Service Provision

Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Department for Community Based Services
Division of Protection and Permanency

Available Sections

SectionEffective DateVersion Number
4.24 SSW's Ongoing Contact with the Child and Family, Including the Medically Complex Child3/1/202117.00
4.25 Ongoing Contact Between Parents and Children in Out of Home Care12/3/20101.00
4.26 Meeting Basic Health Care Needs1/21/20206.00
4.26.1 Medical Passport11/18/20155.00
4.26.2 Authorization for Medical Services6/4/20206.00
4.26.3 Standardized Screening and Assessment for Children in Out of Home Care1/21/20201.00
4.26.4 Passport Health Plan12/3/20101.00
4.26.5 Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT)5/1/20142.00
4.27 Meeting Medically Fragile Health Care Needs12/3/20101.00
4.27.1 Individual Health Plan for the Medically Complex Child11/18/20155.00
4.27.2 Extraordinary Medical Care/Medical Expenses of a Medically Complex Child11/18/20153.00
4.27.3 Serious Injury of a Child in Foster Care12/3/20101.00
4.27.4 Life Support Systems12/3/20101.00
4.27.5 Ending Use of Life Support Systems1/30/20184.00
4.28 Meeting Educational Needs2/4/20219.00
4.28.1 Educational Assessment1/22/20142.00
4.28.2 Providing Educational Services Under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA)11/18/20153.00
4.28.3 Accessing Educational Records for Children and Youth in Foster Care and Guidelines for Educational Passports7/1/20175.00
4.28.4 Higher Education Assistance8/16/20212.00
4.28.5 Educational Training Voucher for Youth Who Have Transitioned Out of Foster Care8/16/20212.00
4.29 Independent Living12/3/20101.00
4.29.1 Independent Living Services8/16/20214.00
4.29.2 Transition Planning for Youth Aging Out of OOHC or Extending Commitment10/25/202114.00
4.30 Normalcy for Children and Youth in Out of Home Care11/18/20205.00
4.30 through 4.33-Not Yet Utilized12/3/20101.00


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