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4.61 Employment for a Youth in OOHC

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 4-Out of Home Care Services (OOHC)
4.61 Employment for a Youth in OOHC

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Legal Authority/Introduction


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The SSW:

  1. Ensures that the youth is assisted with structuring a budget after the youth obtains employment;
  2. Notifies the Children’s Benefits Worker (CBW) when a youth obtains employment, as the youth’s title IV-E reimbursability and eligibility may be affected;
  3. Consults with the CBW as to eligibility requirements for spend down coverage if the youth loses medical assistance benefits.

Practice Guidance

  • It is recommended that the youth spend at least fifty (50) percent of the money he earns as he chooses, and the remainder placed into savings for purchase of transportation or to meet expenses upon release from commitment.
  • When a major expenditure (such as purchase of a car) is part of the youth’s independent living services plan, the FSOS may approve a reduction of the savings percentage.


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