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4.66 Critical Situations

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Standards of Practice Online Manual
Chapter 4-Out of Home Care Services (OOHC)
4.66 Critical Situations

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The SSW:

  1. Or other staff assigned by the SRA or designee, notifies the child’s family within one (1) working day when a critical situation occurs;
  2. Ensures that a report has been made to the following agencies, when the situation involves a report of suspected maltreatment:
    1. Appropriate regional office; and
    2. Division of licensed child care in the Office of the Inspector General;
  3. Refers all inquiries from the media to the Cabinet’s office of communications;
  4. Follows any additional regional procedures as appropriate. 

Practice Guidance

  • When a critical situation occurs, a caregiver initiates attempts to report the situation to the SRA or designee, immediately.
  • Critical situations include:
    • Serious illness or death of a child;
    • The child’s absence without leave (AWOL);
    • Possession of a deadly weapon by a child;
    • The child is an alleged victim or perpetrator of:
      • Abuse;
      • Neglect;
      • Physical assault; or
      • Sexual assault;
    • Alleged criminal activity by the child requiring notification of law enforcement; or
    • Suicide attempt of a child.
  • The PCC or PCP agency director or designee, submits a comprehensive written report regarding a critical situation to the SSW.




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