Department for Community Based Services

Standards of Practice Online Manual

OOHC Administrative Standards of Practice

Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Department for Community Based Services
Division of Protection and Permanency

Available Sections

SectionEffective DateVersion Number
4.45 Movement from a Home Placement12/3/20101.00
4.46 Movement from a DCBS Foster or Adoptive Home11/18/20152.00
4.47 Movement from One PCC Placement to Another4/20/20213.00
4.48 Discharge from a PCP or PCC Placement12/28/20205.00
4.49 Discharge Planning Prior to Leaving a Hospital or Treatment Facility11/18/20153.00
4.50 Discharge Planning Prior to Placement Changes Against Medical Advice12/3/20101.00
4.51 Documentation Required Upon Entering Out of Home Care (OOHC)4/16/20211.00
4.51.1 Placement in a Congregate Care (Residential Treatment) Setting9/13/20213.00
4.52 Personal Care Home/Family Care Home12/3/20101.00
4.53 Bed Hold-Private Child Caring (PCC) / Residential or Private Child Placing (PCP) Foster Care Placement6/21/20215.00
4.54 Transportation and Out of State Travel with a Child in the Custody of the Cabinet9/14/20189.00
4.55 Sex Education12/3/20101.00
4.55.1 Pregnant Youth12/22/20204.00
4.55.2 Family Planning for Pregnant Youth12/3/20101.00
4.55.3 Survivors and Those at Risk of Human Trafficking 6/21/20211.00
4.56 Use of Tobacco Products12/3/20101.00
4.57 Photography, Videotaping or Audio Taping of a Child in OOHC9/28/20204.00
4.58 Mail to Child in OOHC2/1/20152.00
4.59 Change of Surname for a Youth in OOHC12/3/20101.00
4.60 State I.D. and Driver's License for Children in the Custody of the Cabinet8/16/20215.00
4.61 Employment for a Youth in OOHC12/3/20101.00
4.62 Household Work and Operation of Machinery6/5/20132.00
4.63 Athletic Program Participation12/3/20101.00
4.64 Census Count for a Youth in OOHC12/3/2010
4.65 Credit Reports for Youth in Foster Care9/30/20153.00
4.66 Critical Situations2/15/20122.00
4.67 Locating Missing Children-Including Runaways3/30/20162.00


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