Department for Community Based Services

Standards of Practice Online Manual

Chapter 4-Out of Home Care Services (OOHC)

If you have any questions regarding issues in out-of-home care (OOHC) or need a consultation regarding independent living or interstate placement of children, please contact the following individuals: 

Kristin Breeden, Acting Out-of-Home Care Branch Manager

Lisa Shaeffer, Social Service Specialist -interstate placements, ICPC

Gary Bruin, Social Service Specialist - difficult to place youth, SCL Placements

Beth Myers, Social Service Specialist - Permanency and Transitional Roundtables administrator

Angela Winkfield, Social Service Specialist - ESSA, ICWA, Kentucky Educational Collaborative for State Agency Liaison, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Liaison, Father Engagement

Renae Hardin, Social Service Specialist - diligent recruitment specialist

Danielle Khoury, Social Service Specialist - Family First Prevention Services Act, QRTP liaison, Special Populations

Jennifer Barr, Social Service Specialist - recruitment and certification, foster/adoptive parent training,

Maurice Lee, Social Service Specialist - relative service array

Contact information:

275 East Main Street, 3E-D

Frankfort, KY 40621

(502) 564-2147 (phone)

(502) 564-3096 (fax)


If you have questions or need a consultation regarding older youth in OOHC, independent living, or issues related to transitional services, please contact the following individuals:

Paula Saenz, Transitional Services Branch Manager

Lorraine Wilbur, Social Service Specialist - Chafee Program, Fostering Success, Earn and Learn, education assistance, education training voucher

Stephanie Hockensmith, Program Coordinator - National Youth Transition Database (NYTD), tuition waivers, LYFT curriculum

Vacant, Office Support Assistant- credit checks

Chorya Morton, East Section Supervisor- youth development funds, transition plans, aftercare services, tuition waivers

Jeff Culver, West Section Supervisor - youth development funds, transition plans, aftercare services, transition-age youth with disabilities 


Contact Information:

275 East Main Street, 3E-D
Frankfort, KY 40621
(502) 564-2147 (phone)
(502) 564-5995 (fax) 


If you have any questions regarding child safety or need a consultation surrounding relative or fictive kin or safe infant act issues, please contact:

Tara Cecil, Child Protection Branch Manager

275 East Main Street, 3E-B
Frankfort, KY 406021
(502) 564-2136 (phone)
(502) 564-3096 (fax)

For information regarding the medically complex program or if you need consultation surrounding a medically complex issue, please contact:

Alice Scheffler or Stephanie Mondelli 
275 East Main Street, 3E-A
Frankfort, KY 40621 
(502) 564-6852 (phone)
(502) 564-4653 (fax)

For questions or consultations regarding substance abuse issues, please contact:

David Gutierrez, Clinical Services Branch Manager

275 East Main Street, 3E-A
Frankfort, KY 40621

(502) 564-9433 (phone)

(502) 564-9500 (fax)



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