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9.9 Assessment

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Chapter 9-Status Offender Services
9.9 Assessment

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Legal Authority/Introduction


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The SSW:

  1. Assesses the family and status offender based on the information gained from family and collateral interviews; 
  2. Identifies safety and risk issues for all children in the home, including assessment of current and past domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health issues, and documents in the assessment;
  3. Assesses and considers:
    1. The age of the child(ren);
    2. Severity of exhibited status behaviors (i.e. running away, physical altercations with family members, truancy, substance abuse, etc);
    3. Capacity of the parent/caretaker to supervise/protect the child(ren);
    4. Any other information necessary to determine the interventions needed to alleviate the current situation which may include interviews with school personnel, therapists and other community agencies;
  4. Completes the timeliness of initiation template in the Chronology section of the assessment; 1  
  5. Completes the assessment within thirty (30) working days. 

Practice Guidance

  • All interviews, information gathered or steps taken to assess family and status offender during the investigation or assessment are documented in the assessment.  Dates, times and locations of all interviews are also documented in the assessment.


  1. The number of these attempts and their frequency are based on the risk to the child(ren) such as age, current allegations, agency history etc. and in consultation with the FSOS.


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