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Welcome to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services Online Standards of Practice

Before you get started looking around please take some time to view this page and learn what has changed regarding the manual. 

This manual is an updated version of the standards of practice manual that has been used by our Cabinet for the last seven (7) years.  All of the content has remained the same between the old and new version; however, the organization has changed significantly. 

  • The new format has been organized to better reflect the workflow process and follow the steps in the order of the life of a case. 
  • The format in which the content is organized has been streamlined to make it easier to follow and enable field staff to view a step by step list of instructions to complete when working with families. 
  • Every section is now self contained to include all necessary forms, tip sheets and external web links making it easier for staff to obtain all needed information in one place.
  • The navigation at the left of the page will always be present so users can access any section of the manual at any time from the page that is currently displayed.
  • The numbered tabs at the top of the page will always be present to allow users to jump to any chapter at any time. 
  • Forms and Resources may be accessed by clicking on the Resources link in the left navigation, but users may also apply descriptive tags in order to narrow down the list of documents displayed.  
  • The search engine for the site is fully functional and will direct users to sections of SOP that are most relevent to the keywords used. 

What is New to this Site?

  • At this time  the SOP clarifications that include the Statements of Consideration have not yet been placed on this site.  Users may still access the old SOP manual site for these documents, but all other information has been uploaded to this site.
  • The printing across sections function is now up and running.  Users may access this function by hovering over the Resources tab and then clicking on the Multi-Section Printing tab on the resources menu.  Instructions will guide you through the process. 
  • The definitions may be accessed by hovering over the Resources tab and then clicking on the Definition List tab on the resources menu.
  • A Site Map has been added to the site to assist users in navigating through the table of contents.  This map may be accessed by hovering over the Resources tab and clicking on Site Map on the resources menu.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this site, please click on the "Contact Us" link below and complete the form. 

If you would like further instruction or information regarding this website, please review the following PowerPoint program:

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