19.3.1 Accepting and Assigning Reports Involving the Department for Aging and Independent Living (DAIL) Division of Guardianship Employees Cabinet for Health and Family Services


​​​​The procedures below are utilized when a referral is received with a Department for Aging and Independent Living (DAIL)/Division of Guardianship Services (guardianship)employee identified as an alleged perpetrator of adult abuse, or financial exploitation of a person under state guardianship.​​​

Practice Guidance


​Receiving and Assigning the Report:

The Central Intake (CI) SSW:  

  1. ​In addition to the standard intake questions,  will ensure that: 
      1. ​Reports that allege exploitation by guardianship staff are screened for allegations of theft or misappropriation of the individual under guardianship’s funds as opposed to errors related to fiduciary staff managing finances;
      2. Guardianship staff are not assigned as an individual's  caregiver or custodian; 
      3. The alleged perpetrator is NOT selected as a department employee, as DAIL/guardianship staff are not department employees,; and 
      4. The TWIST case is controlled access. 
  2. ​​Prior to finalizing a SSW determination at intake, will immediately notify the CI FSOS to finalize and assign the report.

The CI FSOS or designee: 

  1. Contacts the CI branch manager, or designee, to discuss the intake determination prior to assignment.  
  2. Submits the Intake Summary via email (using PDF format) to the CI branch manager, or designee, within one (1) hour of receipt.  If further consultation is needed, the CI FSOS contacts the Adult Protection Services (APS) branch manager, or designee.  After the consultation, the CI FSOS, or designee, completes the following steps:
      1. Consults with the service region administrator (SRA), or designee, regarding the appropriate region for assignment of the investigation within prescribed timeframes; 
      2. Finalizes the DPP 115-Confidential Suspected Abuse/Neglect, Dependency or Exploitation Reporting Form; 
      3. Provides a copy of the DPP-115 with the referral source redacted, to the Division of Guardianship; and
      4. Emails a copy of the DPP-115 to the APS Branch via DCBSAdultProtection@ky.gov.

The CI branch manager or designee: 

     1.  Consults with the APS branch designee or the Division of Service Regions (DSR) as needed.


  1. Only employees with a legitimate interest in the investigation or assessment are permitted access to the information.  ​