30.19.3 Redetermination of Preventive and Protective Child Care Assistance


​​​​​​The eligibility period for protection and permanency approvals, regarding both preventive and protective child care, does not exceed six (6) months. The FSOS may approve continued child care assistance in six (6) month intervals using the DCC-85-Approval for Child Care Assistance, if necessary to continue to protect the child in the home from abuse or neglect, as long as the Cabinet has an active case with the family. Once the family’s case is closed, they are no longer eligible for redetermination.

Failure to submit a new DCC-85-Approval for Child Care Assistance may result in the disruption or discontinuance of the protective child care assistance.

Practice Guidance

  • ​​Only families with active request cases are eligible for preventive or protective child care assistance. 
  • ​​​​Once a family’s case is closed, redetermination may not occur. ​


The SSW:
  1. Reviews the need for continued child care assistance at each case planning conference if the case is open for ongoing services; 
  2. Assesses the family to determine if original conditions that justified child care being provided still exist, what progress has been made and how another six (6) months of child care will benefit the child or family (for reasons other than financial) when reassessment occurs on open cases;
  3. Provides written detailed documentation in the “Justification” section of the DCC-85 Approval for Child Care Assistance demonstrating a continuing need to the FSOS if continued child care assistance is necessary and authorization is ready to expire; 
  4. Documents on the case plan how child care will assist the family in meeting the needs of the child(ren) to prevent escalation into moderate or high risk abuse or neglect situations; 
  5. Documents on the DCC-85 Approval for Child Care Assistance: 
    1. The date the case was opened; 
    2. The immediate safety issues that exist and how child care will address them; 
    3. Whether child care is on the family’s case plan and date of case plan; 
    4. Whether the need for child care was discussed during an FTM and the date this occurred; and 
    5. The justification of need; 
  6. Files the redetermination in the family’s case record; 
  7.  Determines what progress has been made in the previous six (6) month period the family received child care, and explains why a continued need exists to continue child care assistance.​