30.8 Case File Format


The Division of Protection and Permanency (DPP) requires staff to maintain a consistent case file format for organizing and maintaining case records. Information necessary to provide/monitor appropriate services, protect the organization, and comply with legal requirements are contained within the case record. This information is maintained in a consistent case file format to allow specific information to be located expeditiously for:

  • Authorized personnel on a need to know basis; 
  • Case transfer; 
  • Internal case review; and 
  • Children and Family Services Review (CFSR).

Practice Guidance

​​If a worker loses privileges for TWIST, the FSOS will ensure that the information on the tablet is uploaded as soon as possible. The FSOS will not have access to information stored on the tablet in the offline mode. It is imperative that the FSOS works with the employee to upload the documents into TWIST. ​


DPP staff adhere to the following case file format for request and provide case files:
  1. ​​​Organize the case file in a heavy duty pressboard end tab folder with fasteners (stock # H1502F13 letter with 2” extension or comparable); 
  2. Separate sections using the folder dividers (stock #SMD-35600 or comparable), and tab as designated in the request/provide case file format documents; 
  3. File each section in chronological order with the most recent dates on top; and 
  4. Maintain client privileged information in a separate section within the legal area of the request/provide case so it may be removed when authorized individuals outside DPP are reviewing the case.
Electronic case file:
  1. May download five (5) cases to the DCBS issued tablet. These cases can be accessed without internet access while working in the field. The SSW can complete a variety of casework tasks while working offline. This material must be uploaded into TWIST when the worker returns to their workstation; 
  2. May complete case work for cases that are not one of the five (5) downloaded cases, for example service recordings or prevention plans; 
  3. Will upload all work completed in the offline mode by the third (3rd) business day. Refer to TWIST tip sheet eighty six (86) Offline Download-Upload-2 for more information about working on the tablet while offline; 
  4. Will print forms and plans created in offline mode and ensure that they are placed in the case file after upload; and 
  5. ​​​Will rename documents uploaded or scanned into TWIST to include the family name and document title. Refer to TWIST tip sheet eighty five (85) Offline-How to Upload and Rename Documents for more information regarding uploading documents.