30.19.5 Closure of a Child Care Facility or Home that Provides Preventive/Protective Child Care Assistance


Practice Guidance


  1. ​​In the event of closure of a child day care facility or home providing care for children receiving preventive or protective child care assistance, the Division of Child Care will provide the DCBS Commissioner’s office with lists of children currently enrolled with the provider under those eligibilities. 
  2. The information will be provided to the SRA in the region by the Commissioner’s office. 
  3. The SRA or designee will inform the SSW of the closure of a child day care facility or home upon receipt of the Commissioner’s notification. 
  4. The SSW assists the family in selecting another child care program and may contact the child care assistance program (CCAP) agency or regional child care referral source to identify centers with available openings. 
  5. ​The case plan is revised as necessary based on the individual needs of each family.​