10.13 Introduction to Compliance with Interstate Compact on Juveniles


A child from another state apprehended in Kentucky, as a runaway must be returned to their home state through the Interstate Compact on Juveniles (ICJ). Likewise, the same procedure is applied for children from Kentucky who have fled to another state. The Justice Cabinet, Department of Juvenile Justice, is responsible for administering ICJ procedures.​

Practice Guidance

  • The SSW may assist the court with locating a non-secure placement for the child until the home state is able to arrange return of the child. 
  • Issues related to reimbursement for placement are referred to the ICJ office. 
  • An extradition hearing is held in juvenile court before a child is returned to the child’s home state.​


The SSW:
  1. Immediately notifies the ICJ office at 502-892-3600, or 502-892-3739 or DJJKentuckyInterstate@ky.gov within twenty-four (24) hours, exclusive of weekends and holidays, in the event that a child from another state is picked up as a runaway; and 
  2. Refers the report to​ the ICJ office if notification is received that a runaway child from Kentucky has been picked up in another state.​