10.26 Request for ICPC Approval of Out of State Visitation and Placement


​​​​​For children registered with the Kentucky Adoption Program Exchange (KAPE), the child's SSW, the FSOS of child's case, the Child-Focused Recruitment Model (CFRM) staff, and other individuals as needed obtains and reviews the family’s home study and the home study agency’s license to determine if the requirements of 922 KAR 1:100 and agency requirements for out of state families are met.

Practice Guidance


  1. ​​For children registered with KAPE, the adoption services branch staff sends a copy of the adoptive home study, and the home study review form to the CFRM worker and FSOS. If the child does not have a CFRM recruiter, the home study, and home study review form, are sent to the SSW and FSOS for consideration. ​
  2. The child's adoptive review committee (the SSW, FSOS, and a third party) evaluates the prospective adoptive family's ability to meet the child's needs. THE CFRM recruiter may be invited to the adoptive review committee and can serve as the third party. 
  3. A member of the child's adoption review committee notifies the adoption services branch staff that the family is a match for the child. 
  4. The SSW follows the process in SOP 10.25 Obtaining an Out of State Home Study if a referral is requested by an out of state worker. 
  5. The ICPC compact administrator negotiates the purchase of service. 1 
  6. The ICPC compact administrator confirms the agreement in writing and provides the agency the steps for billing once the fees for services are established. 2 
  7. The SSW completes the interstate packet and sends it to Kentucky’s ICPC compact administrator when the family accepts the referral and the Purchase of Services Letter has been signed by all parties. 3 
  8. The SSW electronically submits via ITWIST an ICPC placement request seeking approval for the child’s placement with the proposed out of state adoptive family. 4 
  9. Staff can proceed with the pre-placement conference and subsequent visitation once both states have signed the ICPC-100A Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Request.​
Upon completion and approval of the ICPC-100A:
  1. The ICPC coordinator notifies the SSW of the action taken either approving or denying the child’s placement with the out of state adoptive family; and 
  2. The SSW completes plans with the out of state family’s worker for travel to the pre-placement conference, initial meeting, and visit with the child.


  1. Fees are negotiated, but cannot exceed more than $5000/$2500 for first and subsequent children (for siblings being placed together). 
  2. The ICPC compact administrator must maintain the original invoice and a narrative with the child’s name, DOB, KY’s DCBS case number and an itemized list of dates services were provided to the child; 
  3. The packet includes information detailed in SOP 10.25 Obtaining an Out of State Home Study; 
  4. The ICPC coordinator can be reached at 502-564-2147. 
  5. Prior to any information regarding the child being shared with a potential adoptive family, the SSW shall discuss the confidentialilty of shared information and have the family sign the DPP-171 Notice of Confidentiality in accordance with SOP 13.17​​​​