10.10 Financial and Medical Responsibility for Kentucky Children Placed Out of State


The Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) retains financial and medical responsibility for all DCBS children placed out-of-state, until jurisdiction is terminated with approval from the receiving state please refer to SOP 10.9 ICPC Case Closure (Termination of Jurisdiction)

Practice Guidance

  • DCBS will pay out-of-state approved/licensed/certified foster families of Kentucky children at the established Kentucky rate based on the home's approval type, training record, and the child's specific needs.  
  • ​ DCBS will not pay a per diem to biological parents. 
  • Children are not title IV-E eligible when they are in the parent or relative’s custody (CJO cases).
  • DCBS staff will discuss the relative service array with out-of-state relatives and fictive kin placements as outlined in SOP 5.1 Relative and Fictive Kin Placement Consideration​.​


The Kentucky SSW:
  1. Completes the ICPC Financial and Medical Plan
  2. Sends the ICPC Financial and Medical Plan​ packet to the receiving state with the ICPC request to the Kentucky ICPC office, when an out-of-state placement is being pursued; 
  3. Prints the OOHC-1262 Title IV-E Eligibility/Reimbursement Summary form to include with the ICPC request; and 
  4. Assures that upon approval/licensure/certification, the appropriate foster care payments for the care of the child are made during the period of the placement.​