10.38 Out of State Travel for DCBS Staff


​DCBS staff may travel out of state if authorized to transport children to and from placements. DCBS will pay all transportation costs related to the out of state placement of a DBCS child. This includes travel costs related to the child returning to Kentucky for visits with parents and/or siblings as well as travel costs for the SSW to visit a Kentucky child placed out of state through the ICPC program.

Prior approval is to be obtained for all interstate travel including:

  • Placement of children; 
  • Retrieval of children; and 
  • Case related out of state travel for children.

Travel arrangements must be made ahead of time in order to qualify for the lowest airfare rates possible.

DCBS will not pay any transportation cost associated with:

  • ​The ICPC placement of a child from another state being placed in Kentucky; 
  • Private interstate adoptions; or 
  • International adoptions.

For DCBS children, DCBS will pay for the return of the child to the state of Kentucky should the placement fail or no longer be in the child’s best interest.

Practice Guidance



The SSW:
  1. Upon approval by the SRA or designee, submits the request for travel to travel authority; 
  2. Contacts the travel authority for assistance; 
  3. Submits all out of state travel expenses to the Travel Authority for reimbursement; 
  4. Follows standard travel regulations which can be found on the travel website: http://finance.ky.gov/internal/travel.