10.30 SSW's Responsibility for the Child After Out of State Placement



Practice Guidance

The adoptive family's worker is expected to send the monthly recordings of post-placement visits with the family and child through the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) office.


The Kentucky SSW:
  1. Retains responsibility for the child placed out of state until the adoption is finalized; 
  2. Requests the monthly post-placement supervision documentation with the family and child in a timely manner through the interstate office when they are not received; 
  3. Sends copies of the post placement supervision documentation to the ICPC deputy administrator if it is not sent through the ICPC offices by the adoptive family’s agency; 
  4. Arranges return of the child if disruption of the placement occurs; 
  5. Provides recommendations for finalization when the worker feels the child is prepared for permanency; 1 
  6. Obtains the child's original birth certificate and the certified termination of parental rights (TPR) order when the adoption assistance and nonrecurring expense agreements are approved and the adoption is ready to be finalized; 
  7. Compares the birth certificate with the termination order for accuracy of the spelling of the child’s name and correct birth date; 2 
  8. Provides the Office of Legal Services (OLS) copies of the birth certificate and TPR order, when an error is found on the order terminating parental rights, and asks that a motion be prepared to request the correction; 
  9. Prepares the consent to adopt and obtains the signature of the FSOS; 
  10. Sends the documents including the original copy of birth, the original copy of TPR and the original copy of the DPP-215 Consent to Adoption directly to the family's attorney; and 
  11. Sends a copy of the adoption decree and ICPC 100B Interstate Compact Report on Child's Placement Status​ electronically to the ICPC Office via TWIST when the judgement of adoption is granted.


  1. The period of post-placement services required before the adoptive petition can be filed varies, but usually requires six (6) months. 
  2. Please refer to SOP chapter 10.5 Request to Place a Kentucky Child in Another State for Foster Care or Adoption​ for guidance regarding subsidy negotiation.