10.23 Introduction to Making Adoptive Interstate Placements



Children who are post-termination of parental rights (TPR) (regardless of their Kentucky Adoption Profile Exchange (KAPE) status) are initially placed with families as a foster placement to:
  • Ensure adequate transition planning;
  • Allow for a period of adjustment; and 
  • ​Ensure that all needed services are in place for the child and family.  
Please see SOP 10.5 Request to Place a Kentucky Child in Another State for Foster Care or Adoption​ for more information and also to learn about exceptions involving relatives/fictive kin and older youth when applicable. The SSW may consider an out-of-state family for a child when parental rights are terminated and a Kentucky family has not been identified. Prior to a referral to the Kentucky Adoption Profile Exchange (KAPE), an out-of-state referral could be considered, if the child has psychological ties or a prior relationship with a particular family residing out-of-state. 

Once a child is registered with KAPE, the child is listed on Kentucky's website, which functions as an exchange and is accessible nationwide. This meets the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) requirements to recruit nationally. 
Before the Kentucky child has any contact with the out-of-state family, both states sign the ICPC-100A Interstate Compact Placement Request approving the proposed placement as outlined in SOP 10.26 Request for ICPC Approval of Out of State Visitation and Placement​

Out-of-state families may be considered for the referral and possible placement of Kentucky children if they meet the same requirements as Cabinet for Health and Family Services (Cabinet/CHFS) approved adoptive families. The Kentucky Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) is not obligated to accept a particular out-of-state family for consideration. After reviewing the family’s home study, if a family is selected for placement, DCBS holds a pre-placement conference for the child. The pre-placement conference involves members of the adoptive review committee.

No out-of-state adoption agency or worker has the authority to come into Kentucky and conduct an adoptive home study or provide any other adoption services to a Kentucky family. Likewise, the Kentucky DCBS does not conduct adoptive home studies or related social services in another state or for an out-of-state resident who comes into Kentucky seeking adoption services. Such violations may be subject to criminal or civil penalties. Additionally, violation constitutes grounds for the suspension or revocation of either state's ability to legally place children.

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