13.13.3 Foster Parent Adoption Not Recommended



Practice Guidance

  • The foster parent is informed of their right to submit a request to the SRA or designee for reconsideration of adoption for a particular child. The foster parent may also request a meeting with the SRA or designee.​


  1. All appropriate parties address the issues of concern with the FSOS when the request to adopt is not deemed to be in the child’s best interest. 
  2. The service region administrator (SRA) or designee decides if continued placement in the home is in the child’s best interest. 
  3. The SSW and R&C worker or private child placing agency (PCP) worker meet with the foster parent to share the reasons why the adoption was not recommended. The child’s SSW submits within ten (10) working days after the meeting, if the foster parent requests reconsideration, a memorandum to the SRA or designee summarizing the meeting, staff involved strengths of the family and reasons the foster parent adoption is not recommended. 
  4. The SRA or designee makes a decision regarding foster parent adoption within ten (10) working days of receipt of the memorandum from the SSW.​