13.45.4 Post Adoption Child Support



Practice Guidance

  • Examples of good cause include: 
    • The child presents a danger to themselves and/or the family; 
    • The family has exhausted community resources in their attempt to address the child’s problematic behavior; or 
    • The child has entered care due to receiving Post Adoption Placement Stabilization Services (PAPSS) beyond the ninety (90) calendar days allowed by 922 KAR 1:530 Post-Adoption Placement Stabilization Services.​


The SSW:
  1. Recommends to the appropriate contracting official (i.e. county attorney, special prosecutor or friend of the court) and presiding judge that a child support obligation not be established except as specified in this SOP, procedure #3 (below), when a child with special needs is adopted from DCBS and again enters custody of DCBS after the adoption; 
  2. Attaches a memo to the children’s benefits worker (CBW) noting that child support should not be pursued when good cause exists (see Practice Guidance for an explanation of “good cause”); 
  3. Sends a request to establish child support through their family services office supervisor (FSOS) to the Division of Protection and Permanency (DPP) director for a final decision regarding the recommendation to establish a child support obligation for the adoptive parent(s) in situations involving physical abuse, neglect or abandonment.
The CBW:​
  1. Forwards the DSS-1260 Title IV-E and Child Support Referral and the memo recommending that child support not be pursued to the local Division of Child Support.