13.21 Annual Permanency Reviews



Practice Guidance

  • Annual permanency reviews are held every twelve (12) months in the court, which is responsible for reviewing the permanency plan. 
  • As long as the child is in an adoptive placement, annual permanency reviews are continued until the adoption judgment has been granted by the circuit or family court. 
  • Adoptive parents have the right to have their attorney present, at the court’s discretion. 
  • If the adoptive placement disrupts or the child’s status in the home changes from adoption to foster care and the child is recommitted to the Cabinet, annual permanency reviews are reinstated.​


The SSW:
  1. Notifies the court of the need for an annual permanency review (APR) sixty (60) days prior to the twelve (12) month deadline; 
  2. Notifies the adoptive parents of the APR at least seven (7) days prior to the court date. 1


  1. Notification includes information on the purpose, time and location of the review and who is to attend.​​