13.20.1 Withdrawing the Adoptive Referral



Practice Guidance

  • ​​The adoptive referral can be withdrawn at any point in the process by either the prospective adoptive parent(s) or the SSW in consultation with their FSOS.​


If for any reason a referral needs to be withdrawn, the recruitment and certification (R&C) worker:
  1. ​​Tells the adoptive family in a face to face meeting; 1 
  2. Tells the child in a face to face meeting; 2 
  3. Documents the offer for a face to face meeting in the adoptive family record if the family chooses not to meet face to face with either worker to discuss the withdrawal of the referral; and 
  4. Secures the adoptive family’s copy of the child’s presentation summary and returns it to the SSW for the child. 
  5. If the withdrawal is a result of reports of abuse or neglect, the R&C worker and family services office supervisor (FSOS) consult with the service region administrator (SRA) and the Office of Legal Services concerning procedures to remove the child from the home. 
  6. The SSW indicates the referral is withdrawn in TWIST and returns the adoptive home narrative to the R&C worker for the home.​



  1. The child’s SSW may also be present. 
  2. The child's SSW may also be present.