13.30.1 Requesting Non-Identifying Information About Biological Relatives from Closed Adoption Records


​​​The adoption must have been finalized in Kentucky in order for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS/Cabinet) to provide non-identifying information. Non-identifying information that may be provided by written request includes medical/health, educational, cultural, and family background information, as available in the record. Non-identifying information can be provided to the adult adopted person upon their written request to the Cabinet if they are age twenty-one (21) or older. Non-identifying information can also be provided to the adoptive parents of an adopted child. prior to the finalization of the adoption.


Requests for information from closed adoptive records may come from adult adopted persons, attorneys and courts. All requests for non-identifying information from closed adoption records are submitted in writing to the Adoption Protection Services (APS) Branch.

The record is reviewed by the APS Branch, and the available non-identifying information is summarized and forwarded to the requestor. No information contained in the record that tends to identify individuals, other than the adopted person, shall be provided without a specific court order.

Practice Guidance

  • ​​All written requests should include the following information, if known: 
    • The adoptive name of the adopted person (not married name or nicknames); 
    • The adopted person’s birth date (month, day and year); 
    • The birth name of the adopted person; 
    • The names of the adoptive parents; 
    • The county in which the adoption was finalized, usually the county in which the adoptive parents lived at finalization; 
    • The biological mother and biological father's names; 
    • The requester’s name, address, telephone number, and relationship to the adopted person; and 
    • A photocopy of a valid, government issued ID card.​​


​​If the local SSW receives a request for information, he/she should:
  1. Provide the requestor with a current informational brochure; and Refer the requestor to the APS Branch for guidance.