13.27 Court Report



Practice Guidance


  1. Central office staff notifies the recruitment and certification (R&C) worker or private child placing (PCP) provider to prepare the court report upon receipt of the adoption petition from the Circuit court clerk. 1 
  2. The R&C worker or PCP provider writes the report to the court, keeping in mind the purposes of the report as stated below: 2 
    1. To summarize the information on the child, the birth family and the adoptive family; 
    2. To inform the Circuit court judge whether the content of the adoption petition is true; 
    3. To advise whether the adoptive family is suitable for the child and the child is suitable for adoption; and 
    4. To advise whether the adoption is in the best interest of the child. 
  3. The R&C worker completes the following steps when submitting the court report: 
    1. Prepares the report to the court; 
    2. Attaches copies of pages four (4) and six (6) of DPP-191 Information to be Obtained from Placing Parent, on each of the birth parents and the DPP-192 Biological Parent Consent Form, completed by any parent voluntarily terminating parental rights or any alleged father admitting paternity; 
    3. Forwards the original and one (1) copy of the court report and attachments to the supervisor, and retains the remaining copy for the local file; and 
    4. Prepares a cover letter in quadruplicate addressed to the Circuit court judge, post-dated five (5) working days, for the appropriate FSOS's signature. 
  4. The SSW completes the DPP-191 when unable to obtain completed DPP-191’s and DPP-192’s from one (1) or more birth parents or has been unable to obtain the information and: 
    1. Documents the absence of the forms in the cover letter; 
    2. States the reasons and cites the statute number KRS 199.520(4)(a) for the DPP-191 and KRS 199.572(1) for DPP-192; and 
    3. Provides the FSOS with the name and address of the petitioner’s attorney. 
  5. The FSOS reviews the report and makes the following distribution: 
    1. Original cover letter and court report to the appropriate circuit judge; 
    2. One (1) signed copy of the cover letter to the worker; 
    3. One (1) signed copy of the cover letter and court report to staff in central office; and 
    4. One (1) signed copy of the cover letter to the attorney for the petitioners. 
  6. The R&C supervisor submits a consent to adopt with the court report for agency and private child care adoptions of children committed to the Cabinet.​


  1. In a DCBS agency placement the worker is responsible for making a report to the court within ninety (90) days after the placement or ninety (90) days after the petition has been filed, whichever is later. 
  2. ​​​​The PCP provider prepares an original and two (2) copies of the court report and submits to the SSW.