13.28 Adoption Judgment



Practice Guidance

  • ​​After the entry of the order of adoption by the court, the Circuit court clerk mails a notice or copy of the judgment of adoption to the Adoption Services Branch.​


The R&C worker:
  1. Retains responsibility for the case (agency or independent) until the adoption judgment is granted; 
  2. Completes the following tasks when the judgment has not been received within one-hundred, eighty (180) days after submission of the court report: 
    1. Verifies the status of the petition; 
    2. Checks with the family and the Circuit court clerk, if appropriate; and 
    3. Notifies the Adoption Services Branch of the outcome.​
The Adoption Services Branch:
  1. Notifies the SSW and FSOS of the order of adoption after receiving it from the Circuit court clerk; 
  2. Documents the adoption judgment date.