13.42 Annual Contact with the Adoptive Family



Practice Guidance

  • The adoptive parent is responsible for notifying the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS/Cabinet) of any circumstances that would make the adoptive parent ineligible for adoption assistance payments or change the amount of the adoption assistance payments through a renegotiation of the adoption assistance. (Please refer to SOP 13.43)​


  1. ​​The SSW sends all families receiving adoption assistance the DPP-1258B Adoption Assistance Annual Contact Form and notifies the family that the agreement may be renegotiated at any time. 1 
  2. The purpose of the annual contact is to determine that the: 
    1. Child remains in the adoptive home; 
    2. ​Parent continues to provide care and support for the child; and 
    3. Adoption assistance payments continue to meet the special needs of the child. 
  3. After the DPP-1258B is completed by mail, the cabinet may conduct a home visit if the following applies; 
    1. The adoptive parent requests a home visit; 
    2. The child's special needs change, as indicated by the adoptive parent; 
    3. Attempts to update information by additional mail, email, or phone contact have failed; or 
    4. The Cabinet received information that is contrary to the information verified by the adoptive parent during the annual contact.​


  1. ​An adoption assistance renegotiation request may occur at any time after the initial adoption agreements are in place. (Please refer to SOP 13.43)​​