13.35 Working with the Family During Disruption


It is the responsibility of the adoptive family’s recruitment and certification (R&C) worker or private child placing (PCP) provider to work with the family during disruption.​​

Practice Guidance

  • The R&C worker/PCP provider is available to the family during pre-placement visits, and to meet regularly with the disrupting child in order to talk about their feelings and their functioning.​


The R&C worker/PCP provider:
  1. ​​​Explains to the family that: 
    1. Another family will be selected for the child; 
    2. A schedule for the pre-placement conference and visits will be developed; and 
    3. They are expected to help prepare the child for the move in the following ways: 
      1. Explaining to the child why he is not remaining with them; 
      2. Sharing information and speaking positively with the child about the new family; 
      3. Participating in the pre-placement conference; and 
      4. Cooperating with agency and new adoptive parents during pre-placement visits; 
  2. Supports the family in the following ways: 
    1. Being available to the disrupting family; 
    2. Stressing the need to focus on the original plan when the disrupting family begins to advocate for an early move; 
    3. Helping them talk about their feelings; 
    4. Emphasizing family strengths; and 
    5. Praising them for their cooperation and efforts to keep the child’s best interest in mind. 
  3. The R&C worker provides follow-up services to the family after disruption.