4.26.4 Passport Health Plan



Practice Guidance

As of 6/21/07, the following sixteen counties are served by passport health plan:

  • Breckinridge; 
  • Bullitt; 
  • Carroll; 
  • Grayson; 
  • Hardin; 
  • Henry; 
  • Jefferson; 
  • Larue; 
  • Marion; 
  • Meade; 
  • Nelson; 
  • Oldham; 
  • Shelby; 
  • Spencer; 
  • Trimble; and 
  • Washington.


The SSW:

  1. Completes the CHFS Out of Home Care Services Plan for Physical Health when a child enters OOHC and is placed in a county which is served by passport health plan; 
  2. Mails a copy of the physical health information section from the child’s case plan and the CHFS Out of Home Care Service Plan for Physical Health to the following address within five (5) working days of the child’s entry into OOHC: 

    ​DCBS Region 3 Managed Care Liaison
    908 West Broadway
    Louisville, Kentucky 40203 

  3. Follows the procedures #1 and #2 above when a child placed in OOHC moves from a county not served by a passport health plan to a county served by a passport health plan; 
  4. Retains the child’s passport card in the case record for possible future use when a child moves from a county served by a passport health plan to a county not served by a passport health plan.

The DCBS Managed Care Liaison:

  1. Provides periodic six (6) month updates on the child’s physical and mental health progress to the passport health plan contact; 
  2. Meets monthly with passport’s foster care liaison and a nurse case manager from passport to review referrals, discuss care coordination or case management needs, and billing problems.

The Children’s Benefits Worker:

  1. Ensures the county code on the case record reflects the actual county of residence of the child; 
  2. Enters the mailing address as the county location of the child’s SSW.