4.55.2 Family Planning for Pregnant Youth



Practice Guidance


  1. The SSW discusses the subject in a factual, objective manner, as with any other medical reference when a child in OOHC requests information about: 
    1. Abortion; 
    2. Adoption; 
    3. Keeping a baby; or 
    4. Sterilization. 
  2. If the SSW is not familiar with a subject, or is not comfortable discussing it with the youth, the SSW may request the assistance of staff or health professionals. 
  3. The role of the SSW or other staff is to inform the youth about all possibilities and to remain neutral in presentation. 
  4. The person discussing options with the youth should be familiar with each option and the related regional or state resources, including: 
    1. Available medical and adoption services; 
    2. Financial support; 
    3. Counseling; and 
    4. Any other appropriate service. 
  5. When the youth is aware of each option and asks for assistance with a referral, the person provides information that the youth needs to contact the resource. 
  6. After the youth is aware of all options and has referral information, the SSW does not become directly involved in implementation of the youth’s plans. 
  7. The SSW documents on TWIST contact screens that: 
    1. The youth has been provided information about options and resources; 
    2. Who provided the information; and 
    3. The date on which the information was provided.​​