4.60 State I.D. and Driver's License for Children in the Custody of the Cabinet



Practice Guidance

  • Caregivers of youth age sixteen (16) through eighteen (18) years old in out-of-home care (OOHC) may request reimbursement for the cost of a state I.D., learner's permit, or license for youth in their care via the monthly boarding statement or by submitting an itemized receipt to the regional billing specialist. 
  • As funds allow, youth in OOHC age sixteen (16) through twenty one (21), or their caregiver, may request reimbursement up to five hundred dollars ($500) for the cost of completing a state approved driver's education program. Request for reimbursement should be submitted on the Youth Development Funds Request Form to the regional independent living specialist (ILS). 
  • As funds allow, caregivers of youth age sixteen (16) up to age nineteen (19) who are in OOHC can request reimbursement for the cost of adding youth to their personal vehicle insurance policy. Caregivers should submit the following documents to the regional billing specialist each month: a statement from the insurance company that details the added cost incurred for coverage of the youth and a signed Committment Verification Letter-Learner's Permit. 
  • If a youth causes damage to the caregiver's vehicle while driving, the caregiver can request reimbursement of their deductible, up to one thousand dollars ($1,000). The caregiver should submit proof of payment and signed Committment Verification Letter-Learner's Permit​ to the regional billing specialist. 
  • As funds allow, youth age sixteen (16) up to age nineteen (19) may request reimbursement for the cost of their personal vehicle insurance premium. A copy of the youth’s insurance policy information and itemized receipts should be submitted quarterly to the regional billing specialist through the youth’s caregiver or state social worker. ​
  •  Central office staff on the Out-of-Home Care Branch are available for consultation and guidance as needed.


​State Identification Card

  1. The SSW will provide youth in OOHC a signed copy of the Committment Verification Letter-State ID​signed by DCBS worker, indicating who is approved to sign for youth's application for a state identification card (I.D.). ​
  2. To apply for an I.D., the youth will provide the verification letter, original birth certificate, and Social Security card to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Driver's Instructional Permit

  1. The SSW, or other Cabinet staff, may not sign an application for a driver’s license or permit for a youth in OOHC under the age of (18) eighteen, including children whose parent's rights have been terminated and are awaiting permanency. 
  2. ​An application to obtain a driver's license or permit for a youth in the custody of the cabinet may be signed by: 
    1. The youth's parent, legal guardian, grandparent, adult sibling, aunt or uncle, if parental rights have not been terminated;
    2. Another person who is at least age eighteen (18); 
    3. The foster parent or caregiver with whom the youth resides when the reasonable and prudent parent standard is applied in partnership with the cabinet; or 
    4. The youth, without another person upon verification: 
      1. By the cabinet that the youth is in the custody or commitment of the cabinet; and 
      2. That the youth has an insurance policy. 
  3. The SSW, in collaboration with the youth's foster parent or caregiver, uses the reasonable and prudent parent standard to determine the youth's readiness to obtain an instructional permit and driver's license. 
  4. The ILS convenes and facilitates a meeting to discuss the requirements for applying for a driver's permit under the graduated driving program in Kentucky. The meeting includes, but is not limited to, the following participants: 
    1. SSW (as available); 
    2. Child; 
    3. Caregiver; 
    4. Foster parent; and 
    5. Any other significant person in the child's life, who can assist in the determination. 
  5. The ILS: 
    1. Reviews the DPP-17 Readiness for Driving Agreement and completes it with meeting participants during the meeting;
    2.  Confirms the child, or other person signing the application, is aware they will be held jointly liable with the minor for any damages caused by negligence; and 
    3. Informs the youth that the Cabinet, or anyone who signs permission for the youth to obtain their permit or license, can file a verified request with the Transportation Cabinet to cancel a youth's permit or license, if at any time the child no longer meets the requirements to maintain a license. 
  6. The ILS may hold follow-up meetings as necessary. 
  7. The SSW provides the youth with a signed copy of the Committment Verification Letter-Learner's Permit signed by the SRA or designee, and ILS if it is determined that the youth will be approved to pursue attainment of his/her permit or license.