4.56 Use of Tobacco Products



Practice Guidance

  • Family members of a child committed to the custody of the Cabinet are not permitted to purchase tobacco products for the youth. 
  • Nicotine replacement products ma​y be purchased (by the care provider, and reimbursed) and the SSW may seek assistance from the child’s physician. 
  • If the child is in a placement that does not offer smoking cessation services they may participate in smoking cessation services offered by local health departments or their contracted agents at no cost.


The SSW:
  1. Does not purchase tobacco products for a child in OOHC; 
  2. Informs non-relative caregivers (e.g. foster parents, private child care providers) that Kentucky law prohibits them from purchasing tobacco products for use by a child in their care; 
  3. Assists the child and his/her caregiver in an attempt to eventually eliminate the child’s tobacco use, and lists efforts on the child/youth action plan section of the case plan if a child who enters OOHC uses tobacco products.