4.28.5 Educational Training Voucher for Youth Who Have Transitioned Out of Foster Care


Practice Guidance

  • Youth shall be eligible to participate in the education training voucher program for a maximum of five (5) years, or until age twenty six (26), as long as the youth is enrolled in a postsecondary education or training program, and is making satisfactory progress toward completion of that program. 
  • The voucher provided may be available for the cost of attendance at an institution of higher education as defined in section 1002 of United States Code (USC) title 20; and shall not exceed the lesser of five thousand dollars ($5,000) per year or the total cost of attendance as defined in section 1087ll of USC title 20. 
  • The eligible youth is required to provide verification every semester of good standing or satisfactory progress in a program via an un-official transcript or other official documentation from the institution. 
  • If the youth is determined by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (Cabinet/CHFS) to be ineligible for educational and training voucher funding, the youth may request an administrative hearing.


If the youth is eligible for education training voucher funding as established in 42 USC 677 and 922 KAR 1:500:
  1. The SSW, the regional independent living specialist (ILS), or the Chafee program administrator provides the DPP-334 Request for Educational and Training Voucher Funds to the eligible youth to complete and return to the regional ILS or the Chafee program administrator; 
  2. The regional ILS or youth should submit the DPP-334 by email to Chafee.ilp@ky.gov; and 
  3. The central office Chafee program administer verifies eligibility and notifies the youth, by email within thirty (30) working days of its receipt.