4.45 Movement from a Home Placement



Practice Guidance


The SSW:
  1. Completes the following tasks if it is believed that a child continues to be maltreated or is at high risk of maltreatment, but immediate removal is not necessary: 
    1. Reviews the situation with the FSOS to determine whether to continue to work with the family intact, or to pursue removal of the child; 
    2. Petitions the court to review the commitment in relation to the Cabinet’s intention to remove the child from the parent’s home, if appropriate; and 
    3. Documents that an effort has been made, prior to the court hearing, to contact the parents and inform them of the specific problems that could lead to removal, so they have an opportunity to take corrective action; 
  2. Attempts to arrange for an emergency caretaker in the home until the parents return, or fail to return within a reasonable time if the SSW finds a committed, unattended child who is too young to take care of himself; 
  3. Requests that a law enforcement officer take the child into protective custody if no caretaker is available; 
  4. Petitions the court to review the case if after a reasonable time it appears that the child has been abandoned; 
  5. Completes the following tasks if there is reasonable information to believe that a child is in danger of death or serious physical injury, or is being sexually abused and the parents are unable or unwilling to protect the child: 
    1. Immediately removes the child (with the assistance of a law enforcement officer); and 
    2. Petitions the court to review the commitment, with a request for an expeditious hearing.​