4.47 Movement from One PCC Placement to Another



Practice Guidance

  • Transferring a child between programs, facilities, or foster homes is considered a placement move. If a child's placement needs change at any point, the SSW should always exhaust DCBS foster care, as appropriate, then complete an updated DPP-886A Application for Referral and Needs Assessment in TWIST and submit to Children's Review Program (CRP) for placement.


The SSW:
  1. Consults with the family’s team and keeps the family informed regarding placement options; 
  2. Determines whether the child’s level of care (LOC) assignment is accurate based on the child’s current situation, and (if necessary) requests a redetermination after receiving regional approval to initiate a change in placement; 
  3. ​Notifies the regional placement coordinator (RPC) of the need for a new placement by completing a new DPP-886A in TWIST and submitting to CRP for placement if DCBS foster care is not appropriate or available.