4.5.1 Kinship Care and Relative Benefit Regional Logs



Practice Guidance


To process payments for relative placement support benefits or kinship care the service region:

  1. Each month:
    1. Reconciles the checking account with their monthly log of kinship care or relative placement support benefit payments; and​
    2. Submits to the Director of the Division of Finance Management, by the 10th of the month:
      1. A copy of the reconciliation form; 
      2. A copy of the bank statement; 
      3. The monthly log; and 
      4. Original receipts; 
  2. Voids a check that is not cashed by the vendor within ninety-five (95) days
  3. Requests the bank to process the void and reports the void to the Division of Financial Management
  4. Maintain all records for a minimum of five (5) years; Return any funds received from clients to the Director of Financial Management.​