4.62 Household Work and Operation of Machinery



Practice Guidance

  • The family’s team considers the youth’s participation in household work activities that are appropriate for a youth of similar age, maturity, and abilities. 
  • The types of jobs held by other children in the household or community may guide the family’s team in its decisions. 
  • Special requests for activities such as hunting, tattooing, ear or body piercing, riding four wheelers, etc. are only granted with approval by the FSOS ​and: 
    • The biological parent (if parental rights are intact); or 
    • The committing court.


The SSW:
  1. And family’s team consider the youth’s age, maturity and abilities in considering whether a youth should be permitted to operate mechanized equipment under proper supervision; 
  2. Documents the youth’s participation in household work or operation of machinery in the child/youth action plan portion of the case plan.